PR Definitely Related to Topic

Earlier in the year we reported that Page Rank may be influenced by the topic you’re writing about. In our minds this is almost certainly the case. Even though Goo Theory is only 4 months old, it has recently achieved a PR of 4. That’s right, PR 0 to 4 in just 4 months. And that’s with only a handful of sites linking here.

Contrast this with Formula F1. This site is content rich with many articles and many linkbacks from respectable Formula One web sites. It took 8 months to achieve a PR of 2.

Although we’re very happy with our recent PR change, we can’t understand why the topic of a web site can have such an impact on Page Rank. It would make more sense if the popular topics (like this blog.. you know, nerdy stuff ;) ) made it harder to achieve a good PR, while niche topics would be easier to get a good PR. Alas, Google works in mysterious ways 8)

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