Google Australia Opens Sydney R&D Office

Google launched their Australian Sales & Engineering Office in Sydney today. Located on Sussex Street, the new office will act as an English-speaking portal to the Asian web market.

Kate Vale is Google Australia’s head of sales and operations. Four years ago Google Australia was operating from Kate’s dining table. 3 months later she had employed 3 staff, all of which operated out of serviced offices - until now. The new Sydney Googleplex currently has around 12 staff and will be looking to quickly expand their operations.

The driving force behind Google’s R&D efforts in Sydney are Lars Rasmussen (head of engineering), Noel Gorden and Stephen Ma. These men represent 3 of the 4 people who invented Google Maps. They actually developed the technology independently and later sold it to Google before joining the company.

Google Australia will be conducting an extensive recruitment exercise over the coming year and even have plans for educational facilities in Sydney.

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