Best Site in the World Making No Money

I just posted a quote to this web site and had the brilliant idea, why don’t I make a web site that is divided into topics containing the best quotes from web forums!? As yet, I haven’t even investigated whether such a site exists. If it doesn’t exist then I should make it right? I mean, after all, it’d be cool, people would link to it, it’d get heaps of traffic right?

Sure, it would probably do all those things.. but chances are it’ll be extremely hard to monetize.

Think about the psyche of a visitor to this site. They search for a great quote.. Or they’re looking for a funny quote. They find this great site with all the quotes categorized and filed away neatly. Easy to search. Great! What’s left for them to do? Buy something from your affiliate program? What, a book of quotes perhaps? :) ¬†What about Adsense ads? Forget about it Jose..

Now the site may be popular enough to generate a heap of traffic making poor CTRs seemingly result in¬†decent money, but wouldn’t all that time and effort be better spent developing a site that has the potential for lots of traffic and a great CTR? Imagine, people searching for product info and you giving them an easy way to buy.. It’s Heaven! ;)

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