Should You Use .biz Domain Names?

I was just reading a forum where someone stated .biz domains look unprofessional. I totally agree.

A counter argument was raised stating .biz has that reputation because it came after .com. I totally disagree.

Other tld names, IMHO, don’t have as bad a reputation as .biz domains. I believe the reason for this is because .biz domains are primarily used by people trying to cash in on keyword rich domain names to sell their latest e-book (or someone else’s e-book). They came into the web game late so are unable to pick up a good .com domain name, so they seek out .biz.

Then they put their crappy site up to sell their wares. You know the sites I’m talking about - white background, very plain, some text highlighted in yellow, some text in bold (like it’s supposed to be important LOL! 8) ), some even in bold red! Don’t forget the most important design feature - make the page a mile long so you have to scroll all day through mega-hype. Get to the bottom of the page and you’ll be itching to find the secret of making $1 million using Adsense in only 18 minutes. But first you must pay $499.95 to find out the secrets from a so-called ‘expert’ in the field.

I’m sure .biz has a place somewhere, but all I know is that I haven’t bookmarked any .biz sites lately. 8)

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