Can Bandwidth Thieves Increase Your PR?

Recently an image used on one of our sites was linked to in a popular forum. When I say linked, I mean the picture was put in someone’s post and it was feeding off our server (ie. hotlinking). Sure, we could put in some hotlink protection, but I thought it would be a good opportunity to perform a little experiment..

Do search engines look at off-site images in the same way they look at links? Will someone hotlinking my images in a forum actually count as a vote toward my site’s Page Rank? Probably not, but it would be nice if it did - as hotlinking generally only happens when the original content is worth ‘taking’ in the first place.

I’ll keep an eye on the stats over the next few months, but chances are the only thing that will increase as a result of this hotlinking is our bandwidth usage and not so much our visitors from search engines.

3 Responses to “Can Bandwidth Thieves Increase Your PR?”

  1. SEO Says:

    Will be interesting to see the results of your experiment.

  2. Dan Says:

    Well, what happened? I see the date of the post as Feb 2006. Did you ever post your findings?

  3. Piano Sheet Says:

    A year later, still no reply? C’mon Goo

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